Risk Management / hedging

U.S. Commodities specializes in hedging for Elevators, Bio-Fuel Operations, Feed Manufacturers, Grain Processors, Cattle Feedlots, Hog Feedlots, and Grain Producers. Our clients are among the largest grain and livestock companies in world.

What we offer

We are experienced in cash trading, grain elevator operations and grain accounting, as well as livestock and feed production. Information on cash prices is gathered continually from reliable sources all over the grain and feed industry. Our clients are supplied with basis information from the key areas of importance to them, and we keep on file historical basis and spread charts to provide our clients maximum potential. Clients have access to our research 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Internet. 

Risk Management Process

We offer a staff from which you will receive immediate attention. Broker/analysts are available for consultation. We have instant communications with the trading floors of all markets, giving you fast access to all the information and commodities you need, regardless of what you grow or where you grow it. 

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