grain elevator management

Our Grain Elevator Management (GEM) hedging program is the total package. It gives you a full-time grain merchandiser and manager at a fraction of the cost of on-site management.

What we offer

  1. Assistance with position reports and position assistance
  2. Increase grain volume through the following:
    a) Various contracts tailored to fit needs (example: basis contracts)
    b) Producer education
    c) New creative methods
  3. Increase margins while limiting risk Grain Elevator
    a) A complete hedging program utilizing basis, spreads, futures and options
  4. Consultation with owners/key employees/board members and financial institutions
  5. Estimating capital needs and potential income
  6. Storage budget analysis
  7. Transportation consultation and scheduling
  8. Daily contact throughout the day to keep you abreast of market developments

Give us a call at 1-800-247-4071 for more information on how we can help your operation.

Grain Elevator

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